Trouble Downloading 31 Meals

The Downloads Don't Seem to Load

These are large files, so it may take a few minutes to download depending on your internet connection. If you are seeing a partial download but not the entire download, this is likely due to an internet speed issue. Waiting a little bit longer or refreshing and trying a new download will probably resolve this issue.

Trouble Getting 31 Meals on Your iPad/iPhone

First, make sure you are downloading the iBooks version (it's a separate download). This version should work very seamlessly with an iPad. Plus you'll get more functionality (adjustable text size, etc). 

If you don't have the iBooks app (made by apple), you can  grab it in the app store for free!
If you're having trouble getting the iBooks version into your iBooks app, this article from apple might provide some help:

Downloading iBooks version creates a .zip that when opened creates a .zip.cpgz

Weird, right? This is a minor browser glitch that can usually be solved by switching browsers and trying the download again.

I've mostly seen this issue when downloading a file using Google Chrome on a desktop computer. Simply switching to Safari should resolve the issue.

Other Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Try downloading each file individually, not the .zip version. Some computers block .zip downloads.
  2. Try clearing your browser cache. Here's a helpful guide if you don't know how to do this:
  3. Try refreshing your browser and attempting the download again
  4. Ad blockers sometimes disable downloads. If you're using one of these, disabling it for the download process can probably resolve the issue.
  5. Try using another browser (such as Google Chrome)
  6. Checkout this helpful article from our delivery partners at Gumroad

Still having trouble? Please contact us! You can reply to your original receipt or find our support desk here!