Free eBook Download Link Not Working


I Never Received the Email

Check your spam filter and other folders to make sure all emails are going to your inbox. If they aren't, moving them there should tell your email server that it's ok for us to email you.
Possibly unsubscribing (at the bottom of any email update we've ever sent you) and resubscribing can sometimes help update both of our systems to make sure you get our emails!


My Link isn't Working

If you received the email and the link is no longer working, you can request a new one here!


Further Troubleshooting Ideas

Try clearing your browser cache. Here's a helpful guide if you don't know how to do this:
Try refreshing your browser and attempting the download again
Ad blockers sometimes disable downloads. If you're using one of these, disabling it for the download process can probably resolve the issue.
Try using another browser (such as Google Chrome)